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Types Of Toothpaste For Protecting Sensitive Teeth
Posted on 1/20/2020 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Tooth sensitivity can take a toll on your daily activities. It can make it tough to eat and drink or to simply relax. Ideally, it develops from the exposure of your nerves and blood vessels to air. These parts of your teeth are housed in the pulp, which protects them. Once a cavity or injury leads to their exposure, you will experience a lot of pain. Sure, it is essential to visit us to have your teeth checked. However, even after a visit, you should switch your toothpaste to one that will help reduce your teeth's sensitivity. Picking the right toothpaste is essential. While most will be labeled as great for sensitive teeth, it might be ideal to know the ingredients of these toothpastes. Potassium Nitrate Ideally, the pathways that allow air to pass through to your nerve endings need to be closed to avoid tooth sensitivity. This is exactly what potassium nitrate does. It helps block the tooth surface, cutting off the pathways into the inner pulp and protecting the nerves. However, it might take some time for you to notice this. With some toothpaste, it can take as long as two weeks and a month in others. Fluoride As long as your enamel remains strong, there will be little to no opportunity for tooth sensitivity. Fluoride ensures that your teeth enamel remains strong. It strengthens already eroded enamels and prevents the early signs of tooth decay from taking effect. While over-the-counter toothpaste does contain fluoride, toothpaste created specifically for tooth sensitivity do have a high-strength fluoride quantity to prevent sensitivity. It might be ideal to consult your dentist when picking them. Picking the right toothpaste is essential to preventing tooth sensitivity. However, it might be ideal to make a visit to a professional dentist like us first before picking your toothpaste. We will gauge the damage to your teeth and recommend the best type of toothpaste to use....

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